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While Lima is distracted by the recall ...
February 3, 2013 22:46 no comments

As I write these lines, Narva Second Vasquez, President of the Front for the Defense and Environmental Protection Cañaris (imprisoned for terrorism from 1992 to 2003, when he was released early because his sentence was up in 2019 by its proven membership MRTA) has given eight days to Candente Resources company to remove its machinery and the Peruvian government to withdraw the police force that protects the business district of Canaris Ferreñafe province, department of Lambayeque. This announcement is a defiant response to the eviction of the access roads to the project Cañariaco by 300 police, who were taken from Sunday January 20 was started an indefinite strike. The 150 villagers who took to the roads could not resist tear gas and were disappointed, because the support of 3,000 villagers and patrolmen from neighboring Cajamarca never came.

The Cañariaco project, which for the moment is speculated that USS would cost $ 1,700 million, includes three areas: North Cañariaco, Cañariaco Sur and Quebrada Verde. North Cañariaco was first explored by BHP Billington in 1999. The Canadian junior exploration Candente Resources took over the area and expanded its reach to Cañariaco Sur and Quebrada Verde. The company wants to market with a comprehensive project that includes the three zones, so you should explore more.

Drilling permits needed Minem authorization, approval Kañaris community through a general meeting and the approval of the National Water Authority (ANA).

The authorization to perform drilling and take 47
soundings and take
11.000 meters of witnesses, the Minem obtained in March 2012. The obtained permission to explore a General Assembly of villagers on July 8, 2012 in the presence of a notary and a justice of the peace, as the President of the Peasant Community San Juan de Canaris, Christopher Barrios, was opposed to convene . This decision was "reviewed" by a "referendum" conducted without the presence of representative of the Peruvian State in September 2012. Needless to say, the "prior consultation" is invalid because, as the Regulations of the law consultation, it is convened by the State and individuals and on the other hand the community of Canaris not recognized in the census of indigenous peoples made by the Deputy Minister of Interculturalism. The ANA's permission was obtained by the first week of December.

The population reacted to the resumption of exploration work with a strike that was suspended on December 17 until the new call for indefinite strike on January 20.

Social unrest should be possible contamination problems and future of the company is a disconnect with the community. That claim is refuted by the company's offer to give one million shares to the community (at prices of Friday 18 past, this would be valued at $ 450,000, this being the lowest bid since 2008) and communal made by the company to entities having as partners Save the Children, Sencico, Lions Club Chiclayo, NGOs and Agricultural Progress Organic Producers Association of San Juan Bautista Cañaris (producing organic coffee in the strike last December were burnt 1.500 coffee seedlings).

This specific problem has reference to a national uprising being made by anti-mining groups. Not surprisingly Wilfredo Saavedra, President of Environmental Defense Front of Cajamarca Province (former prisoner of terrorism for belonging to the MRTA), Marco Arana (Land and Freedom), and Gregorio Santos (Cajamarca Regional President, leader and member rondero Patria Roja, but is developing his own party Movement Toward Socialism, MAS), all founding members of the "macro regional coordinator of the Amazon peoples, Andean and coastal northern and eastern Peru" with Vera Roalcaba Genaro, President of the Users Board rivers Chancay-Lambayeque, have visited the area or have sent emissaries as Idelso Hernandez (right hand Gregorio Santos, President of the Front for the Defence of the Interests of Cajamarca) and / or Dante Sanchez Villegas (President of the federation Division of Rural Cajamarca).

We are facing a very well coordinated uprising and supported by networks of national and international NGOs. Not surprisingly radios and media (eg Radio Marañón emitting its signal from Jaén and is linked to the Jesuits) are telling lies to support the cause of the commoners of Canaris.

All the elements to repeat what we saw in the case Conga, aggravated this time we human groups moving to other administrative districts, that is, imposing his speech cajamarquinos ronderos radical in Lambayeque.

As this happens, Lima is distracted in a recall that polarizes.