Monday February 4, 2013 7:00
(Editorial) The Franchise II

They coordinated the lies and the violence of the anti-mining movement
(Editorial) The Franchise II
(Photo: USI)

In an editorial last explains how the radical left has developed a strategy to sabotage mining projects composed of a series of steps and procedures that apply in the same way in different parts of the country, by way of a franchise. We begin, as we said, with the spread of fear among the population by spreading a series of lies, primarily the misconception untested environmental damage and, usually, simply invented.

For example, in the case of Cañariaco in Canaris, battery included, according refer lies Oswaldo Carpio and leaders who have been in Lima, the following: the company has contaminated the water (which is impossible because the project is only in exploration phase) and that, therefore, the children of the people will be born deformed, that animals and trout rivers are dying, that the company is deforesting, among other falsehoods. To make matters worse, this all adds to the delirious version of the blood samples that the medical staff of the company workers were drawn to determine their health status are sold to the United States and then will be re-injected to of children born with incurable cañarenses to keep their lands. The script depicting farce, in short, is worthy of an episode of "The X Files".

In parallel, a few days ago, after police evicted a road block, Ydelso Hernandez (militant Red Fatherland Front and president of Cajamarca defense) posted on his Facebook that police had killed genocidal dead two villagers and wounded gravity to four. This version circulated on the radio and do not know if those same stations reported the contrary: it was just bruised because police used rubber bullets. Then, to crown the fiction, it went as far as walking the corpse of an old man as if he had died from bullets, when the cause was a heart attack and was not even present at the facts.

In Tacna, on the other hand, last week against the mine protesters Pucamarca also charge that the lie had nationwide. They handed out flyers that read "No to cyanide, yes to life", without referring, of course, that the leaching process mining using cyanide but closed circuit, so it is absolutely impossible to have spills.

A whole series of lies, as we noted in our last editorial, the anti-mining franchise system adds a strategy of intimidation and aggression against dissidents. In Canaris, for example, who expressed sympathy for investment threaten to take away their land and those who do not attend the demonstrations were intimidated by fines of S/.200. The anti-mining even seek to beat them and apply what they call a "people's trial". Rounds of Jaén and Cutervo appear to pressure and start fires.

Furthermore, in Cajamarca, and particularly in Celendin total censorship implanted by strength. As regards lampadia.com before the first revolt against Conga was in that city at least nine news programs who felt freely on radio and television. During demonstrations Radio Celendín was only with authorization to insult, berate and lie against Conga. Journalists Eder Alcántara, Eli Pereyra Guerrero and Jesus Chavez, among others, were assaulted, harassed and forced to carry signs or make comments against Conga. Some of these programs have reappeared, but can not touch the issue of mining if not against.

Thus, as recently denounced the anti-mining franchise system that is multiplying throughout Peru continues its successful formula. And worth the country, at this rate, like any thriving business, is likely to continue expanding.