Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lambayeque: Police chief calls for truce CañarisEl commoners Second DITERPOL chief of Lambayeque, Jorge Linares Ripalda PNP colonel, asked the villagers in the Andean region of Canaris (Lambayeque), who have been unemployed for 14 days against the mining in the area, lay down their control measures and allow the working groups and the national government authorities and regional government, to do their job to find a peaceful solution to the conflict unleashed environmental partner in this district. Linares urged leaders to summon the peasants and thus raise unemployment started since 20 January. "We realized that the working groups are working, then I think they have begun unemployment and makes no sense, I think leaders must summon his followers and tell them once and for all lay down their control measures "said the police chief. Referring to the president of the rural community of San Juan Canaris, Christopher Barrios, the highest police authority, advised him to continue participating in the workshops with the authorities to go slowly arranging efforts on behalf of the community. "We do not want more conflict or enfretamientos, Mr. Barrios is actively participating in the workshops, as healthy is to lift this strike and continue the peace negotiations," he added. Linares said that since the conflict began averaging 200 police remain in the area to provide security to the camp and unblocking roads. However, he said that this situation has led to neglect safety in the city and the other guard spots. "I am neglecting security in the city by Canaris, this strike must end now, to continue fighting against criminality in Chiclayo," he concluded.