11:46 Civil Society wants to participate in dialogue with the government : Cajamarca

Lima, Feb. 03 (ANDINA). It is necessary that the agenda for dialogue between the Government and establish more topics Cajamarca, in addition to those that are the exclusive authority of the regional authority of that jurisdiction, said today Cotrina Ricardo, a member of the Collective of Cajamarca.
Ricardo Cotrina leader. INTERNET / Media

"If the conversation turns to issues like budget expenditures or investments for the regional government in which we as a civil community involvement we have, we would have no voice," he told Andina.

Cotrina noted that this was the tenor of the first contact between the regional authority Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos, and the head of the Council of Ministers, Juan Jimenez, this week.

In that regard, he noted that civil society organizations of Cajamarca wants dialogue with the central government on issues such as the conflict provoked by the Conga mining project, the recession currently affecting Cajamarca and high unemployment afflicting the North Andean region .

"We need new centers of production, better governance at regional and central government participation," he said.

As for the argument that Santos negative social and economic indicators that exhibits Cajamarca are due to the international crisis, Cotrina said "that's not true."

"The regional government has a good budget and a game of mining royalties has not been compromised in costs," he said.

In his view "we are seeing a little fitness in spending state resources and mining royalties."

In the latter part of his administration, Santos "is only giving some palliative" said Cotrina.

"We know who has committed to spending some checks for district municipalities and towns, but there is no work that benefits the community of Cajamarca," he said.

Cotrina also questioned the current position of the Cajamarca regional government chairman, who, in his opinion, "has a double standard," which is evidenced in his meetings with leaders of the radical anti-mining and now with his decision to seek an approach to government .

"I do not want anything to do with investment in the mining sector and is trying to boycott all government policies relating to new mining being implemented by the central government, not only in Cajamarca but throughout the country," said Cotrina.

This, Santos seek to ensure the support of certain sectors of eventual presidential bid in 2016. "This is so true, that continues to collect signatures for MAS political group," he said.