So Barrios again admits "During his speech, Barrios, who is president of the San Juan de Canaris Community, acknowledged that the project is being Cañariaco exploration and therefore there is no danger of contamination in the area of influence"

We have an agreement and a new sub committee to address the concerns of the environment and the people which is fantastic!

The Peruvian Government has come a long way to work through the social conflicts of the country. Candente representatives will also be in the sub committees and will work cooperatively with the committee. All views and concerns are to be addressed and indeed the Green Light has been given to continue drilling.  Barrios is going to speak with the ill informed protestors  to explain what has been agreed to and will ask to end the conflict in favor of dialogue as there are representatives on the sub committee to speak and address their concerns. Santos has been discredited by all his peers as a person who has no clue what damage he has caused to his region in terms of jobs and further sinks the people into poverty. Santos due to his lack of proper management of his region and due to the 77000 jobs lost in his region as compared to the growth occurring in the rest if Peru will soon be removed from office due to incompetence. Barrios to escape the same fate as Santos has admitted the project of Candente Copper must move forward to help the people and the region and will not cause environmental concerns as Candente is a responsible mining company. 

Things look extremely positive for the days and weeks to come for Candente and assays will be out soon!!! Positive results expected soon!!!!