(Editorial) Gregory and the magic beans

The regional president of Cajamarca let it run a lot of lies in his meeting with Prime Minister
(Editorial) Gregory and the magic beans
Gregorio Santos. (Archive El Comercio)

The lies, they say, are short-legged creatures. This, of course, know the many politicians who have made them their craft. Therefore usually mass and releasing them simultaneously. They have that, they are very short legs, the public can not chase them all at once. The more you throw, the more they can escape and survive.

An example of what we saw earlier this week, after the meeting between the prime minister and the regional president of Cajamarca. As soon as he opened the door of the room where the meeting took place, Mr. Santos, like someone opening a bag full of crabs, running left to right and left a lot of lies, all his legs moving frantically, struggling to escape intact. We believe that it is worth striving to achieve at least some of them, before they go further.

Mr. Santos, for example, said that this year the recession began suffering Cajamarca does not originate in him led protests against mining (and paralyzed - and even laid siege to the city, several days, several times). "He recognizes he said that the crisis is national and international." Apparently not know that in 2012 the rest of Peru itself continued to grow and, in fact, reducing poverty and increasing employment, while Cajamarca lost 77,000 jobs. The only crisis in sight, in any case, is that of management.

Mr. Santos also said that mining is not necessary in Cajamarca, because agriculture can be the basis for development of your region and get to contribute more to the treasury. Except that Mr. Santos holds the seed of some sort of magic beans, his claim deserves a place in the universal anthology of nonsense. Only in 2012, which as we know was a bad year for mineral prices, the domestic taxes collected from mining Sunat nationwide totaled more than 30 times what it earned from farming, with boom agroexport and everything. Moreover, during that year only Cajamarca canon and royalties received from mining S/.231 million more than what was raised throughout Peru's agro.

Not content with this, Mr. Santos repeated that Conga "is a viable project, social, environmental, technical" (sic). This required a singular waste of impudence. If Conga has many social problems, is to a large extent thanks to all the lies that he and his associates have been planted on the project. In fact, Conga was - and is-the support of the 32 communities in its area of ??influence. The supposed environmental infeasibility, moreover, is false, as demonstrated by the international expertise that he, cleverly, he ran the body. And as for the "technical infeasibility" project, is a mystery that has tried to refer to this regional president.

Brash, moreover, was something that Mr. Santos was going to prove he had plenty with their presence at the meeting. After all, he had gone there to ask for more resources. Specifically, S/.280 million. Where do you think you can come these S/.280 million? Where do you think, more specifically, that came S/.1.146 million his region received only in the last two years by canon and royalties? How export of native potatoes?

Neither was the case, it is true, that Mr. Santos necesitase confirm his brash. We are talking about the same person who opened with great fanfare in the middle of one of the peaks of his war against Yanacocha, a brand new regional hospital that had been paid by the mining. That person, in short, says that mining will "without water" to their region when 80% of the water that goes into Cajamarca has every year at sea (as demonstrated National Water Authority) without his government has been concerned to do, despite the fortunes they receive, no major hydraulic works (unlike the Central Government, which has the dam project Chonta).

Still, however, perhaps the worst lie of Mr. Santos was that he had gone to talk with the Prime Minister in order to achieve improvements in their region. He wants to improve its visibility and its chances of coming to power. Cajamarca is only hostage kidnapped him once already. And kidnapped, literally: last year, led the movement blocked all entry and exit routes to the regional capital, putting even schedules for entry of food and medicines. Except, of course, that Mr. Santos is of those who show their love to death.