Development Bureau projects addressed by S /. 100 million for Cañaris

The meeting was attended by representatives from the communities of Canaris, who recognized that project is still in the exploration stage. Informa MEM
Ferreñafe. - With consensus to address a wide menu of public investment projects amounting to over 100 million soles for the area, ended today the second meeting of the Intersectoral Committee for Development Cañaris district (province Ferreñafe , Lambayeque).

Such projects are related to the areas of health, education, transport and communications, agriculture, water and sanitation, etc., That at the request of the District Municipality of Cañaris be evaluated in the Bureau of Development for the relevant sectors of the Central Government for subsequent execution.

The meeting, held in the Conference Room of the Provincial Municipality of Ferreñafe (Lambayeque), was chaired by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM, and attended by representatives of fifty and Cañaris district authorities, the province Ferreñafe, regional government and the central government and its various agencies.

The mayors and community leaders Cañaris district (province Ferreñafe), presented their public investment projects, which need to be addressed by the national government sectors in health, education, agriculture and social development.

Also, representatives of other organizations said that while infrastructure projects are needed, it is also necessary to implement sustainable development projects in the area.


In that vein, unanimously approved the creation of two sub-groups: Mining and Environment and Sustainable Social Development.

It was established as the deadline until Wednesday February 6 for institutions and organizations of the Bureau of Labor attesting to their representatives to the said sub-working groups, whose date of installation and will be working on Saturday 9 February at Provincial Municipality of Ferreñafe.

The Plenary of the Bureau also unanimously agreed to incorporate representatives from 11 institutions and organizations Canaris and the region.

He sat, for each entity, a representative of the municipalities of Salas and Incahuasi; Association of Ecological Producers; Association Cañaris Defense Front, the possessors of the top of Canaris, of the Commission on Irrigation District Motupe; ministries of Environment, Culture, Economy and Finance Company Candente Copper Peru SA and two representatives from the farming communities of Incahuasi.

In this context, at the request of the authorities of Incahuasi and Salas, the Development Bureau expressed its willingness to extend its agenda in the aforementioned districts.

Extensive call

It is noted that the Deputy Minister of Mines participated, Guillermo Shinno, regional president of Lambayeque, Humberto Acuña, the high commissioner of the National Dialogue and Sustainability (ONDS) of the PCM, Vladimiro Huaroc; Ferreñafe Provincial Mayor, Edilberto Bardales Roman and the congressman, Virgil Acuña Peralta.

The workshop was also attended by district mayor Canaris, Jose Arturo Hurtado, two delegates from the San Juan de Canaris Community-Christopher Barrios and Jose Gaspar Lucero, Community Cañaris Tupac Amaru II, and the national director of Management Social MEM Fernando Castillo.

During his speech, Barrios, who is president of the San Juan de Canaris Community, acknowledged that the project is being Cañariaco exploration and therefore there is no danger of contamination in the area of ??influence.

As is public, the Bureau of Labor Development Cañaris District, created by RM 023-2013-PCM and installed in Lambayeque on January 19, seeks to promote the development of such jurisdiction and support in the implementation of projects and execution of works to submit their authorities.

It should be noted that today's meeting also attended by the district mayor of Incahuasi, Fernando Diaz Rodriguez, the district mayor Salas, Horacio Silva Cross and representatives of the Ministries of Social Inclusion, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Agriculture, Transportation and Communications, Health, Education and Interior, as well as the Association of Economists and other civil society organizations.

Finally, in order to continue the development of the table and pick up the progress of the working subgroups, it was decided that the next meeting of the Development Committee will be held on 2 March in the district of Canaris.