Development Bureau Kañaris formed two sub-working
Lambayeque, in February. 02 (ANDINA). In order to find solutions to the impasse in the mining district of Kañaris ferreñafano in Lambayeque, members of the Bureau for Development of the town met in full and agreed to create two sub-working groups to continue the dialogue.
The two groups will be issues relating to mining and environment, and sustainable social development, reported the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM).
At the meeting, which was held in the City of Ferreñafe, also addressed issues related to sustainable social development districts Incahuasi and Salas.
Meanwhile, members of the rural communities of Kañaris, San Juan and Tupac Amaru also expressed their willingness to integrate these subgroups with representatives of the executive and other member institutions of the workbench.
The meeting was attended by the High Commissioner of the National Dialogue and Sustainability PCM, Vladimiro Huaroc as well as the Deputy Minister of Mines, Guillermo Shinno, regional president of Lambayeque, Humberto Acuña, and Congressman Lambayeque, Virgilio Acuña.
During their participation, Huaroc highlighted the presence of all members of the bench and the incorporation of new actors, in order to bring development to these less fortunate peoples of the region.
He said that 100 million will be allocated to this area soles to meet demands in health, transport, education, environment and social development.
Also to continue the development of the work table and collect the progress of subgroups was set as the date for the next meeting on March 2 at the district Kañaris.
It was also agreed to include dialogue with representatives of various institutions, such as municipalities and Incahuasi Salas, two representatives from the farming communities of Incahuasi, a representative of the Association of Ecological Producers Association and one of the Kañaris Defense Coalition.
Similarly, will join representatives from the ministries of Environment, Culture, Economy and Finance, and a representative of the company Candente Copper Peru SA