Canaris: They'll add representatives of Minam and Culture
The high commissioner of the PCM, Vladimiro Huaroc, said Cañaris communities decided to incorporate representatives of the Ministry of Environment (Minam) and Ministry of Culture within the table of development, in its second working session.
It also created a subcommittee to discuss environmental mining from a request of leaders of San Juan de Canaris. Thus, the demands include almost all requests of communities.
The session lasted about three hours over a package which raised 100 million soles. This measure will meet the demands of the population in the areas of education, health and transport.
He also said that he noticed that the next meeting be held on Saturday in the city of Ferrañafe. He stressed that it is the provincial capital and the unanimous consent of the assembly.
"The issue of mining and environmental issues are going to be working in the next session. It should be noted that the presence of the leaders that were at one time opposed and now demanded dialogue has been very resaltante "he said.