I sure hope that they really slow down the exploration spending until the new facility is up and running. To date they have not found anything that resembles a "world class deposit." To spend any more money then needed to maintain the mineral rights etc. is a waste at this point. They need to bank ALL of the money possible to bolster there balance sheet. 

Gold price is all over the map. They make a spread on what they refine but honestly the money could be better served. Buying another processing company etc. Yes it would need to be overhauled but it would increase the ounces being produced immediately and NO PERMITS to wait for. They could start taking the additional revenue from the other site..sites and upgrade the takeover property. Most important they would would be in the next area that is growing leaps and bounds. The Northern part. Many discoveries have been found and these half wit processing companies already there are not great at what they do. Guess what THEY ARE MAKING MONEY with recovery rates around 43-56%. Think of what this company could do if it took over finding efficiencies and installing new equipment as the money came in from operations.