lol, thanx rainman, people must think I am terrible at math or lost in space. The EPS is based on conservative numbers and nothing changing other than increasing production.  $0.40 per share is right around the corner and I thought for a change post my low target price outlook. I agree the sentiment will hang around for a little while yet and when it lifts we will see prices rise. 2012 was a great year for our company and if we continue on this path the market will pay attention regarless of Tumi or Monto Dorado.

Regading $30-$120 per share, only happens with great drill results consistently on Tuminpampa. Our low share count does make my numbers within range. I do see high probability  we make a run up  to 2 bucks in March and with decent drill results we break through and $2 becomes our new floor.

The drill results should be out in a few weeks and decent drill results will have an impact. What are you looking for in terms of grades and widths rainman ?

If we look around the market 1% copper with a 100m plus is a great hole and shocks the market.