Wow, what a great liquidation today !!! All mining stocks getting hit hard. I took the opportunity to go all in. Aun for 0.70/share, DNG for 1.25, FR for might not be the exact bottom but I feel good adding whatever ammo I had left at these levels. I also believe the cartel has a problem with the March delivery and are kicking the day lights out of the market to shake people out. Its obviously working at the shareholder level, will people standing for delivery abdicate??? If they dont ,we will be back up in no time and more. This is definetly a war. Paper vs Phyz......DNG is my favourite story out there, valuation is ridiculous even without drill results. If we get good results it will only be a plus (maybe a huge one at that). This company makes money already and it has such a small share numbers that when it moves it will move fast. A few more weeks and watch the fireworks !!