For the most part I agree with you Bangkokboy, but the numbers I post are backed by logic and fair valuation.

$30 per share is not hype at all when I plug the numbers in by my calculation. Its all just math and what I really want people to understand is our low share count is the kicker that puts us up at $30 + per share.

  Most exploration companies are over 100 million before they even get a drill on site. They hype up the property and then find 1 drill to explore..its laughable really.

Our situation is unique in that we have proven gold and copper exist plus we have multiple areas being explored in what is fast becoming one of the worlds premier places to explore and mine. 

I can say for sure we have no hype at all built into the price, but I can appreciate investors being wary of it.

I am not a pumper and having owned this company for 3 years now, a long way back and my exit strategy is still the same..

Folks we either are a $5-$10 stock or a $10-$100+.....2013 will clearly indicate the results of this arguement. 12 drill holes will tell the tale..elephant skarn or just a dream..