If DNG started trading 3-10 million shares per day the price would explode to the upside. As it is we are so thinly traded and tightly held that hungry investors would have to pay a serious premium. We only have around 9-10million free trading shares as it is. This will create a feeding frenzy and run us up hard and fast. $3-$4 is not out of the question.

 Most companies make a discovery the stock price runs up,  then slowly trickles down as the company sets up to do a financing. Reality sets in and the price moves sideways until just prior to the next set of results.

Dynacor "will not" have to go to market for additional money  to drill.  The drills can just keep on turning and be relocated as needed.  This will be a new junior mining story and I expect the market to get very excited and over pay to participate. People will pay a premium knowing their shares will not be diluted. This is going be a big story in a quiet market.