Hi. Thanks for the post. I checked the gold quest’s charts. Looks nice: from 0.20 to 2.0 in four months (X10). However, now, half a year later, when the hype is gone, it trades at 0.50. For a long term investor, very good return, not too exciting though. It'd be nice to have something similar happened with DNG, of course. But I prefer to be moderately optimistic and hope for the best. It's healthier. We don't know the drill results yet, that's the problem. And without good results, DNG is just a mill, with no excitingly great reserves in the ground. A good, very profitable mill, but no more than that. Yet. With this in mind, the company's existent market cap is more or less fair - considering the fact that people are not willing to invest in this sector in general, and HUI will most likely face new lows in the near future. Again, I share your optimism, to a certain extent.