I have been following news on DNG for a while; I have a quite large position in DNG shares. And this is what I think. I do think it's gonna work nicely eventually. I do NOT think, however, that anything substantial is gonna happen during at least 6 months from now. The price will probably touch 1.2 again at some point. It will probably go to 1.8 in half a year, with ups and downs in between. I know it is in the nature of almost any investor to imagine being in possession of all the money in the world. I don't  think in case the new mill doubles the company's income, it will result in the double price of its shares. It is very likely that it won't. I believe a substantial increase in the price of this stock to happen by the end of 2013 only. There are other companies (not many, though) with p/e's and other indicators comparable to DNG. But the overall sentiment is bad. And it's gonna stay for a while. In short, I'd give it 6 months.