I agree the dream is to hit it big with and  market great post Smith. 

Word on the street is that gold has a couple more months of this bearish sentiment. If the market turns bullish and I believe it will eventually, solid companies such as ours have much to gain. Gold companies continue to get smashed across the boards and the negativity is everywhere. Every time I listen to a fund manager or analysts speak about gold companies they speak negatively. Well, there are a few exceptions, but on mass the talk of gold and gold companies has been negative for over a year now and even I find myself at times negative. This speaks to market sentiment and going against the crowd. We know Dynacor is a solid company, growing and exploring without  share dilution. The point was made by "Smith" that if we have   drill results confirming the gold/copper skarn, the numbers change in a big way and the speculation can begin as to the size of the pit. Drill results could be out any day now right along with the construction permit and news regarding Monto Dorado. 

Has anyone heard when the construction permit will be released ?