The last time we were drilling Tumipampa we traded at 20 times EPS

If Q4 stays the same as Q3 we will be at .24eps for 2012... times that by 20 =$4.46 share price

plus this time around we have a geophysical behind us, which gives us a more defined target on the skarn and further varifies targeting the veins in a big way. I find the veins a very interesting target, especially using the cross cutting of an adit through the mtn side. Imagine how many other veins they will intercept along the way. Currently the geologist feels there is up to 2 million oz of gold in the ground there just using the 15 veins discovered. The cross cut will uncover much more of the resourse and soon we will have a NI43-101 that will further support the stock price.

As for the skarn itself, if the drill results start to come in and prove similar to their surface "results, get ready for, as jay taylor says, a "huge moonshot". he may be right on target.  We are talking billions of tonnes of ore...So massive they will have to get a big player in to take them out.

Rememeber, Tumi is in elephant country, surrounded by world class depsits.

 The Tumipampa project is located in a fast-developing mining region in southern Peru and is strategically surrounded by global leading mining companies that are developing world class copper and gold skarn/porphyry type deposits. Tumipampa borders a large copper/gold resource consisting of 355 million tonnes at 0.62% Copper held by Southern Copper Corp. Notably in the last few months, Southern Copper Corporation increased the size of their Los Chancas claim by staking land eastward to within 2 km of Tumipampa's border. During the spring of 2012, Dynacor extended its own land holdings which in effect adjoins the two companies' assets (see May 08, 2012 news release). Currently all of the land around Tumipampa is claimed by major mining companies such as Southern Copper Corporation, Buenaventura, Golden Ideal Gold Mining (China), Super Strong Mining (China), and Bear Creek Mining.

I am working on some numbers and will report back soon with potentials.