that I put an e after the t in paste. I do love cut & paste feature

Yeah was on the sh itter when I posted that half sentence....I find its the best place to respond to your posts. 

Anyways don't be a bully your insightful information while sucking on that toxic chinese pink crayola

I haven't had much to post of late....great numbers though, but concerned with all the insiders selling (don't think they need a new ford focus)

Demers is selling, our Director....why was he appointed our director you might ask (hypothesis)

Corporate Director. Prior to 2009, Partner for the firm Raymond, Chabot, Grant Thornton (paste for you JD)

The same friends who audit our books.....interesting

There is also some very interesting news who else is selling but the Pom Pom ins don't post perceived negative news....I will wait for them to post