I hear accusations about hiding  dirty little secrets etc, but those are just accusations (opinion) . We can let our imaginations get out of control making assumptions. I keep hearing a lot of subjective points of view. I suppose voicing these opinions are what these boards are for. I have certainly learned that it would be very poor decision making if I solely based my decision to buy from information on these boards. I have heard many false statements from people trying to be "know it alls" I guess it strokes their ego to play the big guy role in his little home office bantering his opinion on SH. After you follow some of these posters, you start to see who knows something, who makes it up and who knows absolutely zero about the business and company. I assume most the investors of this forum are small time investor, with the majority 70% investing less than 50k. These people are mostly traders trying to use whatever means to manipulate the market so they will bring up any topic and complain about it. Here are topics at hand.

Sunat-70% of the investors in DNG are institutional investors (trapeze sprott etc) another 20% are large investors, 10% are the small guys and most of them are on this board . the institutional investor hires analysts and experts to complete DD on DNG including looking into the tax issue. KPMG has confirmed with them that DNG and their investment in DNG is protected from a tax claim. J Taylor is in this camp. He has checked into this Sunat issue and discovered through his DD that his investment is protected from any tax claim. He wrote about this in one of his past newsletters. So at this point you have two choices buy or sell based on your own DD. I don't understand the point of continually complaining about it., especially knowing you are going to get the same answer. I am personally trying to find out new information to share with the group that is factual and relevant.

Drill permit- The company has done their part. They have applied for the drill permit. The environmental impact assessment and the water permit have been approved. Verbal approval for what it's worth. So we wait. Not much more to talk about until we get it. Then it's big news you can count on. Many other companies are postponed with their drilling in Peru just like DNG....check out RKR for example, give them a call and ask them about drilling permits.

Mill permit- The company has applied for this permit and have been working on it for over a year. continually supplying the authorities with information to advance the process. Several meetings took place to get locals approval. Locals are 100% on board with having the new mill in their community. The environmental impact assessment permit has been applied for. Management has answered two rounds of questions and apparently this document is now looking good to be approved. After that they will need a construction permit. JM has been told he should have all this by the end of the year. I would give it more time based on how long it has taken for the drill permits to come through. So we wait and once we get the permit it will be big news.

Ore processing/production- well you saw the forecast I published. DNG is consistently setting new records. production continues to soar. Take a look at the grade-.91. This grade is giving them a profit margin of $318/oz.. On production alone this company will soon be producing over 100,000oz per year at 14times this will suggest a stock price of around $8.00 at 20 times esp. we are looking at $12 stock price . This all without any exploration. These are the facts. OCTOBER NEWS PRODUCTION COMING NEXT WEEK. who knows, but I expect to see more record numbers. The smart money loves this.

record breaking earnings and cash flow for 2012 - Again big news once the year end financials come out

buy more and enjoy the ride or sell and do yourself a favour and don't look back.