Yes, the financials of the subsidiary is rolled up into Dynacors (I'm not talking about Malaga)....those are assets and they make revenue which is tied into Dynacors financials.......

  1. The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Dynacor and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are all entities over which the Group has the power to control the financial and operating policies. All intercompany balances and transactions are eliminated on consolidation. Dynacor and all of its subsidiaries have a year end of December 31.

    These consolidated financial statements include the financial statements of the parent company Dynacor Gold Mines Inc., and its subsidiaries as listed below:


Minera Dynacor del Perú SAC Compania Casaden SAC Compania Tumipampa SAC
Minera Veta Dorada SAC Compania de Gestion Dynacor SAC

Country of Incorporation Peru Peru Peru Peru Peru

Equity Interest 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 

These or one hold the liability that we are talking about.

Now if Jean, says we are fine I would think he would issue a press release stating that, if he felt it needed to be said.

As for Dynacors auditors:


Emphasis of matter

We draw attention to Note 26 to the consolidated financial statements which describes the uncertainty related to the outcome of the claim against Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. by the Peruvian Tax Authorities. Our opinion is not qualified in respect to this matter. 


uhmmmmmm........Dynacor's own auditor throws that lil claim right before they sign off on it.

Some more shares coming your way JD.......choke on it.

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