Welcome to the danger zone. Management is dragging investors along.. CEO's will say anything ! We have verbal commitments lol..how can we ever get proof this was or wasn't said ? Who exactly gave the verbal, the secretary.. Think about the last time you applied for a permit, did you get a verbal ? Guys please wake up, its total garbage. THINK THINK THINK, who would have given this verbal ? JM is covering his rear and buying time.

 A press release puts this all to bed !! Lets hear it JM tell the market Dynacor cannot be on the hook for any of the money owed in back tax.

Management saw this coming and spun out Dynacor.

 The october numbers should include DNG was given the verbal approval to drill  by ........ and we cannot be held liable for any back tax from the sub. What about the construction permits folks ? This has gone on way to long.

Give us numbers and clear the slate....