hahah it's funny you ask....I spoke to IR earlier today and Jean Martineau 2 days ago and they both said they received verbal approval to commence the drilling program at Tumi. Even though the 2 drill rigs and cross cut equipment are on site ready to go, JM will not move forward until he has the physical permit on his desk. Smart move, I would say. They both explained the permits are imminent.

FYI.  In regards to the tax issue with Sunat,  Malaga has nothing to do with DNG.  JM & IR both re assured me 100% that DNG is protected from the Sunat claim. Again, the claim is against a Peruvian subsidiary and that sub owns an exploration property, thats it.

As for "snifs the shorts" claims,  "you can't receive the revenue, own the assets on the books"  there's no revenue or assets on the books. Obviously these are his personal opinions, which he is entitled to.