The Analyst was Jay Taylor. From what I understand he is one of the only guys out there not getting paid in one form or another from the companies he promotes to his subscribers.

DNG over the last year has done extremely well on the gold ore processing side and we seem to be breaking record after record. Our stock price is lower than it would be if the processing was in Canada or the US. This is due to the risk of being in Peru. I will see if I can pull up the global risk  rankings at some point today and post. Right now companies are flooding into to Peru and it is going to take some time for the risk to come off companies working in Peru.

If we don't have permits by the new year I will be concerned as I have committed heavily to this company over the last 3 years and was looking to add.

I don't think the government is playing any games with the permits. Why do that when they could just shut down the mill with some BS lawsuit and really hurt the company. Remember DNG is pumping millions of dollars into the community and the locals are big supporters. Its a win win right now for us and the Peruvians.