See this is exactly what the boards are for. Boomer44 you did some research and called and clarified a few questions. I'm not a pumper nor a dumper....I'm a shareholder that wants answers. If that takes getting the investment community riled up, then I've added value to the board. REGARDLESS of the outcome. For all you that tell me to get off the board, suck shouldn't be investing at all......turn your VHS/Beta back on and watch Wallstreet once again.

This is the first I've heard of the permits coming and the government isn't holding this back for the taxes owed.

If we can get Mr. Martineau to state this shareholders should be happy, and we will trade higher.....if I don't and there is a cloud of uncertainity then the stock should trade where it is or lower.

Cmon shareholders you own the company.....force them to answer our legitimate questions or sell the stock and make them do a press release.

Show some f'in respect to value-added posts