I can see people are having open discussions on this board and that is what these boards are meant for.

We leave bashers and cheerleaders for pump and dumps. 

I spoke to the IR department today regarding the permits and the claims against the subsidiary.

The claim is against Minera Dynacor not Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. This all happened prior to Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. being created. Management has been assured by KPMG that they are not going to be held responsible. Dynacor has to include the info in its financials due to reporting standards. I have spoke to the IR department on many occasions over the past year and found getting up to date info to be no trouble.

I am told permits are coming and the government has not been meddling in the permit process. 

I would like to see Mr. Martineau address this in his next interview or company press release. It's dead fruit hanging and needs to be knocked off once and for all. 

Let's move on and explore Tumi, Dorado and build the new mill !!