The worst case scenario for me would be if I sold my shares this week around $1.25 because of this claim that is not against the parent company's assets. Dynacor, the parent company then issues news releases on drilling from Tumi, October production results, new mill permit and wide drill intercepts from the skarn which causes a stock halt before year end.  The stock trades much higher and DNG establishes a new upper floor trading range. Dynacor then erases the note from its ensuing financials after meeting with its auditors and KPMG who have assured them it will not go further than the subsidiary company and the poor sap me can never get back in at his original selling price. Then I have to try and find another company with as much growth potential as DNG that is probably setting up to pay dividends in the future. This would be my worst case scenario.

But unlike others and possibly yourself I am a long term investor who is adding as much as he can on a weekly basis so each to his own. You can see I really am in no rush to have the stock price run up. The day Dynacor announces a dividend is coming, I know it will be too late and never see this opportunity again. 

So dude if I was as uncomfortable with the unfounded claim as you are I would sell my shares and hopefully you can move the price down some so the longs can load up more. Then just be happy with what you have, but best to not follow the stock after you sell because that will be your worst case scenario.