LOL boy....I'm glad we all got that out...

couple things....# 1 big accusation to call someone on a lie...when reallty is there was a change in gov't,  who added legislation to improve thier systems, thus creating a back log for pernits.

#2 as for getting slammed....everyone knows we just went through one of the worst bear markets in history for the juniors. Everyone experienced the same ride...a matter of fact DNG has been a leader compared to everyone else. So what I.m saying is others got hit worse than DNG and have still not recovered. Also a hedge fund (sabretooth)  holding DNG shares in their portfolio went belly up and had to liquidate 3 mill DNG shares over night in the middle of the bear....Did u know this? You must have seen the cross at .36! 

You should get your bash facts you really actually own this company?