Serioulsy people!! 

You want info, give them a call! Get on their email list! Check their facebook page, website etc! Don't sit and complain you don't know whats going on! Do some DD.

Management has been pounding the pavement....recently in Toronto and have had some very good meetings. Smart money looking for core positions in great companies are out there. DNG is a leader in the juniors and is held tightly and management will not be swayed to cheap paper and diluting. I figure out of 35 mill outstanding, there are only about 10-15mill free. It is not going to take much to move this stock! (Especially now that the panic sellers are mostly gone and market is stronger.) remember we have been in a bear market for over 18months! the market is cyclical and coming back NOW!) I'm sure there have been a tonne of investors sitting on the fence  and are now jumping in because things are starting to move and for the following reasons:

 News coming soon

 third quarter earnings  report - If sept was consistant this could be a record quarter!!!!!

New mill permit

New drill permit

Drilling start up at Tumipampa

Drill results from skarn and underground veins

Beautiful chart with the golden cross, huge demand growing for their milling, thanks to new mining laws in Peru, grades improving, Talks of a new dividend payment plan.

Shooting for .20eps in 2012 and once the new mill is complete this number will hit $1eps..those are huge numbers...mind blowing cash 20 times we are looking at $7.00 per share....easily ...and that is without factoring in Tumipampa. Imagine if the drills hit....this thing will go ballistic!

 I see $2,$3.....$5 very soon. and $7-$15 shortly there after.... buy, hold and prosper.