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Dynacor Gold Mines Inc T.DNG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s):  DNGDF

Dynacor Gold Mines Inc is an exploration and ore processing company. It is engaged in the exploration of mining properties for commercial extraction of gold & precious metals, & production of gold & silver by processing of purchased ore.
Price: $1.80 | Change: +$0.05 | %Change: +2.86%
Volume: 34,395 | Day High/Low: 1.85/1.75 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.20/1.14

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Raise your bids boys!

Or watch the train leave without you.  rate and reply
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Excerpt on Bloomberg article on Gold...

Gold is precious again with funds going long After investors sent bullion tumbling in 2013 and kept dumping the metal earlier this year, demand is now up and prices are defying bearish forecasts...read more
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I do agree that the climate for miners in Peru has been uncertain and the delay for the permit has been longer than most would have expected. My observations of the last 10 days are that the ask price...read more
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Looking at the way this stock has been trading since the news release claring the company of anu wrongdoing it seems that the level of fear about investing in the company has been notched up a level...read more
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Near Term Sell-off Risk Remains In Gold

I follow Thomson's work and think he is very good at assessing short term risk and reward in gold. He is a long term bull, but also a trader who is good at assessing the short term risk...read more
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RE:Fix must be fixed...

Here Doug Casey's team addresses this issue. Goldguy Link to article http://www.caseyresearch.com/cdd/qa-with-the-casey-metals-team Q&A with the Casey Metals Team Jeff Clark, Senior Precious...read more
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Fix must be fixed...

Gold industry admits fix must be fixed Jeffrey Richmond | July 7, 2014     The mechanism for setting the gold-price benchmark must be reformed to restore faith in the market, the industry...read more
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Commodities' prices...

Rock & Stock Stats Last One Month Ago One Year Ago Gold 1,320.92 1,244.30 1,251.90 Silver 21.15 18.79 19.70 Copper 3.28 3.09 3.17 Oil 104.06 102.64 101.24 Gold...read more
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RE:RE:Short Term Shakeout Ahead?

For the record, I llike Maunde's work, but I think he is too bearish here. I think that there is strong evidence that an intermediate bottom is in place. A short term shakeout of about $50 in gold...read more
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Processing at annualized rate of 80,000 ounces...

I often ask myself, what is the downside risk for Dynacor? Without making a lengthy list of just whatever pops into ones head, I think an investor needs to assess risk based on probability rather than...read more
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RE:Short Term Shakeout Ahead?

GG007...thanks for the Maund report; very interesting information.  rate and reply
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Short Term Shakeout Ahead?

I think the evidence is strong that gold and silver and good mining stocks have put in intermediate bottoms. However, I consider the entire gold and silver sectors to be overbought on the near term...read more
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Foot on throat...

Gold 1326.86   +0.135 Silver 21.16   0.00  rate and reply
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Bid Ask

Yes the volume is very low but the bid ask is ridiculous. There are no buyers basically until 1.73 and sellers all at 1.84  rate and reply
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Is DNG Flying Under The Radar?

I am somewhat mystified that DNG does not get more love in the market. Maybe I am blinded to some major flaw in the story, but this looks like a no brain winner to me IF gold moves higher. Yet the...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Seeking Alpha article dated June 3, 2014...

No doubt once the permit is received, but to expect 160% increase in production by year end is just unrealistic.  rate and reply
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Jay Taylor reaffirms Dynacor as a buy

Taylor refreshes Dynacor buy 2014-06-27 20:45 ET - In the News   Jay Taylor, in the June 17, 2014, edition of Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks, refreshes his buy of Dynacor Gold Mines Inc., recently...read more
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OT: About Dynacor...

I find myself posting a great deal on this board; I know, after reading my posts that I appear a bigtime follower of Dynacor and a pro-active poster and holder of the stock. Further, I think a great...read more
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RE:RE:Seeking Alpha article dated June 3, 2014...

Now, another month has passed and the chance for completing the Chala mill by year end is slowly slipping through our hands. With the above said, if we had received our Chala permit when the author...read more
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RE:Seeking Alpha article dated June 3, 2014...

Thanks, benduck.  But I don't agree with the writer's expectation that production will increase 160% by year's end.  Not sure where he gets that from.  At this rate, production will no doubt be...read more