Yep, this week has been a pretty big shake out for a lot of juniors. One of my other major holdings dropped from .50 to .30 this week on less than 1 day average volume (and less shares than I personlly own in it).  The buying houses who have been accumulating millions of shares (without any selling) recently are periodically the ones makeing 5,000 share market sell trades to drop the price 5 pennies against thin bids, which shakes out some small retail shareholders. One of them sold around 5-10k shares at market when the price was 40 cents and it hit the bids at 17.5 cents before it rebounded to 40 (and subsuequently dropped to 30 today). Ouch. DMM's drop this week was on relatively low volume. Nothing really concerning here, but it definitely has not been pleasant looking at the paper value of my portfolio - six figure decline (and not "barely" six figures either). On the bright side, maybe the 90k share bulk sell on Monday was DMM Whiner #1.