No worries. Washer owns about 20% and Sprott about 18%. If no one else but those two don't want to sell, Dmm won't sell. No matter who want's it. 

I doubt it will be either the Chinese or Kinross. The Chinese have their hands full with EcuaCorriente and I doubt it would be in Ecuador's best interest to allow the Chinese an even larger stake in Ecuador. Better all around to have a real publicly owned miner come in.

The purchase of Aurelian got Tye Burt fired and put Kinross in a world of hurt. I doubt Kinross will be buying any property of size in Ecuador any time soon. First they need to try and make some money back on Aurelian.

Way too early to talk buyout IMO. One day maybe but right now Dmm hasn't even proven it can run at a profit. 

If Dmm can live up to expectations it may one day sell but it won't be for a song.