Hopefully after management's latest and probably greatest stumble re the water, many more will consider doing something about Dynasty management.

Washer controls a lot of shares but the rest of the shareholders together have the ability to vote him and the board, out.  If this company has not finished the declines and shown a profit by the AGM in May,  we need to get Washer and his management team out.  By that time they will have had almost 5 excuse filled years to make Zaruma profitable.

If some people find booting Washer too drastic, it is a much simpler thing to vote away their stock option plan.  I will be voting against  Washer, the board, and the stock options if Dynasty is not profitable by the AGM. It is the ONLY way we have as shareholders to make out voice heard. The ONLY way to get taken seriously by Dynasty management.

The options plan is a "bonus" system, not a right. It is intended as incentive and payment  for performance. No performance, no bonus.  That's the way it works in business everywhere else and it should apply here as well.

Voting against the options plan is the very least we should do if Dynasty is not in the black by the AGM.


The AGM is still about 4 months away. Plently of time, unless they've still stringing us along, for Dynasty to get Zaruma into the black.  Please, in the next four months, start thinking seriously about attaching some personal consequence to their performance for a change.