Yes that is a good video.

However to use it to attempt to justify Dynasty management's performance simply does not wash, er, hold water.


It is not THAT Zaruma is late Tad. It is WHY Zaruma is late.

My complaint isn't the delay anyway. Everyone expects mines to be delayed.

Tho in fairness to history  it's been over  four years since this release by Dynsaty:


Vancouver, BC, September 28, 2009 – The management of Dynasty Metals & Mining
Inc. (TSX: DMM, “Dynasty” or the “Company”) is very pleased to announce the
Company has poured its first gold at its recently commissioned gold processing plant at
Zaruma in Ecuador. In total, the dory bars poured by the Company contained
approximately ten kilograms (320 ounces) of gold and 50 kilograms (1,600 ounces) of
Robert Washer, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer commented: “This
is a significant moment in the Company’s history and for the development of a modern
mining industry in Ecuador. We would like to thank the government of Ecuador for its
ongoing support for the development of the Zaruma Gold Project, which is the first large
scale modern mining operation in Ecuador’s history.”
The Company has now successfully commissioned all sections of the plant. The
Company will continue to optimize plant operations by processing material mined during
the ongoing development of the declines.


So really Tad, Dynasty is going on five years late. Do you have the figures for how many are 5 years late?


As if that weren't enough. The Dmm dream team has other many fine qualities:


lack of clarity/transparency

lack of clear, regular updates

almost meaningless mealymouthed updates

choosing to withhold important information

blaming the govt for everything-BTW I find it funny they can't use that one any longer.

policy of not communicating with their shareholders.


It's not a accident this stock it as low as it is. It's also not an accident a couple of once friendly financial bloggers have dropped it.

It's definitely put up or shut up time for these guys.