wosnot, just to clarify I'm not saying that anything outside the "Elephant Zone" of the Eastern Athabasca is worthless, its more that the target is the super-high grade inside the zone right now...With depressed U prices the option to buy anything close and-or some of these properties that are close neighbors makes a lot of sense to me! 

Also concider some of the action that has taken place on the western end of the Athabasca, FIS has a decent looking hit and also FDC has had a hit on there JV !

I usualy go to the Investment Conferences in San Fransisco and Vancouver and i've seen all of these Co's at both over the years, I spend most of my time talking to the geo's not the suit's mainly because I can get the real info that matters to me from them. I did talk to JNN at there booth in Vancouver the reality seemed to me is that they had good prospects but bottom dollar its all about the money, juniors need money to explore!

With FDC it was the same story but they had one "ace in the hole" that being there Henday property, when RIO bought Hathor they also got 60% interest in Henday which is in the "Elephant Zone" in the Roughrider/Waterbury (FIS) area. .. So @ my buy price of .05 I feel that is good spec and more lately now that they have a hit on another property !

Just spuing out my thoughts on it all as a speculator I have made lots of $ on a few but not every investment makes you money, have to take the good with the bad sometimes when you play the juniors.

But I will say that it is well worth it for anyone wanting to play in speculative or "the wheel of fortune" plays do the DD and most of these conferences offer high quality accomidation at a cheap price, the opportunity  to find new prospects is excellent and it never hurts to be a lounge lizard some of the best info is gathered  there.

cheers all