It may be that these results will 'please investors' as the guys at the trade fair suggested but that they will not come up with the Voisey Bay type deposit that the market is looking for...that could result in a short-term reduction in the sp which would be a great buying opp for DM longs. Too much emphasis is being placed on these four drilling sites.....there are many, many more sites for DM to drill at and it is unlikely that they will strike a home run on only four sites. We need to remember that this is a long-term investment and that they have already struck several home runs in the JV properties so the current drilling is just icing on the cake.....investors are mainly speculators these days so they jump in and out at the slightest rumour.....they could easily jump out if the four hole results are not spectacular - fools that they are. Then we can buy  into NA's biggest mining project at a good price......or it could be that the investors in DM are smarter and longer-term oriented guys who won't bail at the slightest disappointment....we shall see - either way it doesn't matter long term.