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DHX Media Ltd T.DHX

Sector: Consumer Cyclical | Sub-Sector: Broadcasting - TV
Alternate Symbol(s):  DHXMF

DHX Media Ltd develops, produces and distributes films and television programs for the domestic and international markets, as well, the Company manages copyrights, licensing and brands for third parties.
Price: $6.79 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 464,686 | Day High/Low: 6.84/6.74 | 52 Week High/Low: 6.95/2.69

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Good week

Stayed strong this week considering the volitity in markets. Building a great base here for the next up-tick. Looking forward to get to $7 next week. Have a great weekend all.  rate and reply
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Credit Suisse

They are going to own half the company at this rate haha. They are the ones that keep buying up every share sold. If it wasn't for them, we would be sitting much lower. They are obivously gearing up...read more
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RE:RE:More insider selling...

bluenoseplaya wrote: there was an article in allnovascotia yesterday exactly about the CEO selling. It basically an annual thing. He sold the same number of shares this time last year Is this article...read more
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RE:More insider selling...

there was an article in allnovascotia yesterday exactly about the CEO selling. It basically an annual thing. He sold the same number of shares this time last year  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:No news STILL...

Oh don't get me wrong, this is one of my best buys as well. I'm just not pleased with the company silence lately. No news in almost a month, no response from IR about questions, and CEO selling a ton...read more
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More insider selling...

And I never did receive a response from IR about the 600,000 shares the CEO sold.   As of 11:59pm ET July 10th, 2014 Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities...read more
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RE:RE:RE:No news STILL...

One of my best buys, being from Nova Scotia. Bought 1,000 at 3.19 in my RRSP, and 1,000 in TFSA at 5.73 So I am up over 100 % in my RRSP, and doing very well in my TFSA. No plans to sell from...read more
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RE:RE:No news STILL...

Seeing most of my other stocks taking a dive today, nice to see DHX is standing strong.  rate and reply
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RE:No news STILL...

why do you keep calling it a sell-off? check volume, check the markets... please stop it, it is annoying!  rate and reply
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No news STILL...

So the sell off continues. Figures. I was told CRTC only has until July 15 to respond. If there's no news today, then that just leaves tomorrow and Monday. Since summer is generally a slower time for...read more
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RE:RE:RE:2nd day of sell off

Watch and learn... I'm not saying anything bad about the company. The end game is still the same - I'm talking about the overall market and the technial analysis only. Again, glad I took some off the...read more
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RE:RE:2nd day of sell off

if 4 cents is a sell-off then 10 cents is bankrutpcy ih ih ih ih  rate and reply
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RE:2nd day of sell off

You call a 4 cents drop a sell off??? haha your jokes. stop watching this minute by minute.. do you work? LOL  rate and reply
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2nd day of sell off

Markets are pausing for breath, so is DHX. Lack of news since June 18 is not helping either. Glad I took some off the table - could be a long summer ahead.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:CEO sells...

You're probably right. Jeez, I leave for lunch and now we are over 2 million volume again lol.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:CEO sells...

considering he has 5.5m left, I wouldnt worry.  rate and reply
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RE:CEO sells...

Looked in to this a bit more on SEDI and he did the same thing for almost the same amount of shares this time last year, so it might just be something he is doing once per year. He still holds 5.5...read more
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CEO sells...

Glad I sold some of my position too. The guy dumped a ton of shares. It's never good when the CEO is selling huge positions. I'm going to contact IR about it as well to see if they can give me some...read more
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Waiting to Add

The daytraders will have fun but I still think this stock will be bought out within the next 18 months at a price above $10 (possibly well above) so I'm just waiting to see if we get much of a...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Down she goes...

haha...you're welcome. I just got stopped out at $6.70 (there's my "magic" number). I'll take those profits and go pay some bills. We could trace back to the $6.50 area and if support keeps breaking...read more