From Paul Harris (Avenue Investment Management) on yesterday's Market Call Tonight. Here are two summaries of his comments. GLTA

  • Davis+Henderson (DH TSX) Company provides technology for the financial services industry. The company is expanding out of the traditional cheque-producing business through bolt on acquisitions. The stock trades at 10-times earnings and has a 6.2 percent dividend yield.



2012-09-12 TOP PICK DH-T Davis + Henderson

Name you know when you order cheques. Deal with retail and commercial things for banks. Made some really good acquisitions over the last little while. Considers them as more a technology company in the financial services area. Involved in mortgage technology, applications, etc. that allows banks to use them as a third-party vendor to use the technology when people are on the road. Also, did some really good bolt-on acquisitions in the US. Great yield of almost 6.5%. Trades at about 10X earnings.