From yesterday's Market Call. Here's two summaries. GLTA

  • Davis + Henderson (DH TSX) Held for some time with an avg cost of $17.93.
    Over 7 percent yield with good cash flow coverage and 90 percent recurring revenue.
    "Cheque related" revenue down to 40 percent vs. 90 percent six years ago.
    Growing presence in U.S. lending markets slowly reducing exposure to Canadian lending volumes.
  • TOP PICK 17.670 Jeff Young Historically about 90% of revenues came from printing of cheques. This has dropped to 40% of their revenue. There has really been no superior payment option for small businesses. They are moving on towards all kinds of services to banks. Online mortgage applications for US banks. Student loan services, lien registrations and recovery in Canada. 7.1% yield. 2012-07-17