The current analysis by vector vest as of nov 16th values DGI at $5.97, mind you they are using the current dividend rate not the Jan1/2013 rate.

On Feb 16th 2012 Vectorvest estimated the stock to be worth $4.28 that was $.60 below it's actual price that day. I am not an analyst but vectorvest analysis seems much closer to reality than that of Michael Elkins at TD Securities. In my opinion when you compare DGI to DH  (Davis Henderson) for example at TD's current estimate of $23 per share something seems terribly wrong with Td's latest estimate of $1.75 for the Data Group. Yes I know there debt/adjusted EBITDA ratio of 3.6 verses DH at 1.9 is considerable and the fact that DGI is lowering the dividend, which in turn will reduce that ratio seems to be lost on TD securities.