The fact that the Canadian Government changed the rules is not relevant to what happened with the Data Group.

Lets face it the CEO and company misled investors in the August. financial report when they said they had enough revenue to pay the dividend. What is there motto " we always do what we say" thats bs and we all know it. Oh and what happened to the big announcement they were expecting to amke in the 2nd or 3rd quarter, did it vaporize along with the dividends

It's disgraceful behaviour that no warning was issued prior to these results and they know it.

Of course many investors institutional and others will profit from this sham but the rest of us have to take it on the chin. No doubt there will be people that say it was inevitable but they probably dont own any meaningfull amount of shares to begin with.

I can't help but comment on TD's coverage of the stock, it's pitiful ltoo. The last time a TD analyst covered the stock it was going north of $7, and he mysteriously disappeard  now a couple of years later another green analyst knocks the stock. I have to ask do they hire anyone who actually puts his or her cash on the line, not likely. If you go into any bank they will tell you how to invest based on the company script. Of course if the Data Group has a record quarter (it can happen) the same analyst will tell us to buy!!!!!!!

One last thing my heart really bleeds for the poor people that invested at $2.50/share, such a shame us poor retirees that invested at $5 plus feel sorry for you