and that when DGC was not even producing any gold. Now they are producing....they have a relatively low share float.....they just had a major anouncement that their mine life has increased 25% from 15 years to 21.7 years AND the production is going to double AND most importantly the all in cost to mine is being reduced to 700-800 dollars....WHAAAAT???? Say that again .If this all pans out and gold gets even close to $1500 bucks I'm sure we will see a $20-25 dollar share price....if not more. Im a little fuzzy on the exact overall costs to mine but if someone could go in deeper in the numbers and explain that would be great BUT the way I see the numbers with gold at todays price...multiply 600,000 ounces mined per year times $550 if mined @ $759 as per news release then they make about $330 million dollars a year minus whatever I'm missing. Who said they have to borrow money....and did we find out why the CEO quit a couple of months ago but thank you very much for my first bunch of shares @ $2.94...LOL. BUT really please if someone could correct me if I'm wrong I would be very thankful. Vroooom Vrooooom