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Detour Gold Corporation T.DGC

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

Detour Gold Corp is a Canadian gold producer engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and operation of mineral property interests.
Price: $13.69 | Change: +$0.17 | %Change: +1.26%
Volume: 1.1m | Day High/Low: 13.84/13.33 | 52 Week High/Low: 15.62/2.88

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RE:RE:RE:DGC is not a good stock

Extreme ur dumb comments r just that....dumb..... DGC will break through its previous high in due time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good time to accumulate... GLTA  rate and reply
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RE:RE:DGC is not a good stock

Look at PVG today up 36 cents and not even a shovel in the ground yet. This stock is a flop if you ask me....getting tired of dead money when other golds are up.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:DGC is not a good stock

correction.... chart posted was the 2 year chart not 5 year......sorry  rate and reply
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RE:DGC is not a good stock

Well extremskiing..... Looks like you want to shake the tree for some feable droppings... You say dgc just flopps... well we are up 2-3% just the last couple of days and have a look at this 5 year...read more
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DGC is not a good stock

Gold up or down it don't matter, this thing flops every day now. Russia invasion means nothing on the TSX.  rate and reply
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Gold up another $10...DGC does nothing

Time to move on I believe, other golds are up nicely. Even with the US buck down this goes down ?  rate and reply
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Streaming isn't so Holy

It's not without reason many of the leading single-asset gold juniors have turned to debt - both from banks and in the form of convertible notes - as a major component of their financing plans for...read more
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Seems reasonable to me.....she might be able to get a job at Kitco.  rate and reply
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My 6 year old daughter says gold is about to enter a 2 year upswing to continue its bull run. She is calling for $1320 by the end of this last week of August and $1450 by the end of the year. After...read more
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Isn't he an Eliott Wave guy?   I don't know why anyone counts cycles with the gold market.   They have a terrible record.  rate and reply
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Bo Polny's road map to $2000 Gold just went up in smoke Gold discussion group - Kitco Forums - www.kitcomm.com Bo said that 1280 was the low in July and we are off to...read more
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RE:RE:Gold in the crapper

I guess us Canucks can only wish our markets were as transparent and above board as your US markets and the gold market!  rate and reply
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RE:Gold in the crapper

Its only down $18 premarket, that's not too bad. Problem is the unregulated TSX exchange, you have no idea what scam is next with any stock.  rate and reply
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Gold in the crapper

how low will it go?  rate and reply
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Further evidence that noone should listen to ExtremeSkiing

Yesterday he was saying how much DGC sucked and that he passionately hated it because DGC was down about a percent while the TSX was up about a half percent. Today DGC is up about 4 percent while the...read more
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Thats OK ExtremeSkiing, we all hate you with a passion

You manipulating SOB. Go crawl back under your rock and quit trying to use fear to steal others shares.  rate and reply
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I now hate this stock with a passion

JUst a total TSX nightmare that defies all logic and shows the unregulated fraud the symbolizes the TSX scam exchange with courts too scared to file charges.  rate and reply
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RE:Gold on Steriods this morning

One of the other names that has done well in the portfolio has been Detour Gold Corp. (DGC:TSX). The market looks at Detour as a potential takeout, similar to Osisko. It has built a new mine in Canada...read more
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Gold on Steriods this morning

Go get them shorts and whack the heck of them........GLTA  rate and reply
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Lucara Diamonds Vs DGC investors round 1 ....

Lucara Diamonds    TSX - LUC .....Lucara Diamond Corp  No debt .... 90 million revenue potential August 8th vs  past net losses for Detour.... i have invested in both companies ... Don't want to get...read more