I have posted before about the alternative investment to Discovery Air option represented by the old Canadian Helicopters, now trading as HNZ Group.  They announced their 2012 December 31 year end results on the 26th:


HNZ Group Reports 2012 Year-End Results

9:19PM ET on Tuesday Mar 26, 2013 by CNW Group

    --  Revenue of $256.0 million, versus $264.3 million last year,        reflecting the expiry of two contracts    --  EBITDA margin still strong at over 30%    --  Net income attributable to the shareholders of the Corporation        of $43.1 million or $3.30 per share    --  Solid financial position with long-term debt-to-equity ratio of        0.16    --  First full year of HNZ Global integration complete and        performing as expected    --  Company experiences an accident free record company wide

It will be interesting to see the DA.A 2013 annual results in comparison to this company.  Total revenues will likely be between $200 and the $256 reported above, but everything else goes down hill from there.  Both companies have about 14 million shares, but HNZ has a share price above $20 compared to $2.30 for Discovery Air.  Quite a difference for two companies who are in the same space, same gross revenues, same number of shares, just different management teams.


Hopefully Mr. Shavitz and Mr. Martin are having a good look at this companies financials and perhaps copy their success?