Hello 757Fan,


Thank you for your post regarding Clairvest.  I agree with your observation that this organization is a capable and successful investment company, and its decision to put $70 million at risk was taken after a long and thorough due diligence process.  Frankly I feel better about the future prospects of Discovery Air with them (and their money) at the table than without.  The Clairvest 2012 annual report had the following comments:


Linen King and Discovery Air Inc, are two new investments both of which encompass many of the attractive characteristics that we seek through our rigorous investment criteria. Linen King is a growing healthcare linen services company in mid-continent United States with numerous expansion opportunities both organically and by way of acquisition. Discovery Air Inc. is a leading speciality aviation company based in Canada and operating internationally with substantial growth opportunities within its market.


Clairvest's track record of success is a result of its "rigorous investment criteria", and it was this criteria which identified Discovery Air as a "great" investment.  I think that has to count for something as I am sure Clairvest got to look at a whole file of confidential data that other shareholders never get to see, and came to the conclusion it was worth signing a $70 million cheque.


One other thing, any investor that bought the DA.DB.A debentures when issued back in 2011 also put "new" money into the Company, to the tune of $34 million, and did so before Clairvest decided to join the game.


Have a great week.