Here we are at the end of another trading week and SEDI is still not reporting any buying support from insiders, and the bid has now fallen below $2.30 (yes, that is back to a share price of 23 cents on a pre-consolidation basis).  I am reading into this combination of low share price and no insider buying that the Company will be posting some truly horrible numbers for Fiscal 2013 as the new leadership team makes a one time clean sweep of every bit of expense they can possibly book under the rubric of "its all the old management team's fault, we are just being prudent and sorting it out now".  This would then establish a clean foundation upon which a more responsible management team can build their personal track record of quarterly improvements going forward.


I truly hope that this is the case, and if so, the current and potentially lower 52 week low would offer an interesting entry point for a new investor, or the classic averaging down opportunity for those long suffering long term investors who are sharing the misery with me.


Have a great weekend.