One of the largest Wimax companies (Clearwire) is planning on overlaying a Time Division - LTE (TD-LTE) network on its Wimax structure.  I am not a teckie, but that sounds like Wimax although not preferred still has some net worth.  In fact, there are numerous current news releases saying that the bigger fish are gobbling up the smaller ones in a "consolidation of spectrum".   Craig's net worth is in the value of their spectrum.  Perhaps you will see them sell out to a bigger fish - and provide a final pay day for shareholders.   Can Craig's spectrum broadband width be used with LTE or a TD-LTE as in Clearwire's case?  I do not know. I am no longer a shareholder, but still like to follow the stock.   Perhaps I will be back in again if the price is right.  Best of luck to long term holders of Craig - hope it works out for you. All IMHO./ok2