When I first started 'getting it' in how to analyze growing deposits I started dumping explorers drill results into excell.  The first two discoveries I followed to 150 plus drill holes in excell were UW and VEN.  Probably two of the best gold discoveries to analyze regarding high grade pits.  


Certainly the  Vetas system is pretty good but the one system that has everyone drooling is the trend from Eco Oro's Angostura through to Calvista's Buenovista and Callejon Blanco. In betwen there is California, La Mascota and La Bodega.  


As far as I am concerned there is not a more impressive 5km to 10km gold trend anywhere in the world. Now that GWY and C VZ have resource statements out things are going to heat up.  AUX cannot mine without GWY and it certainly looks like now if they want the whole pie they will need Calvista.  In my opinion there is no other under priced gold company than the one here for what they have.  Putting out an initial resource at 500k and then growing it to 2M AuEq at 1.0 g/t cut-off is definitely impresssive for any standards.  


GWY and CVZ have identical resources.  The only difference being that CVZ has more consistent mineralization while GWY is much more nuggetty.  That is seen in GWY's inferred grade at 1.0 g/t cut-off wwhere it drops from 3 g/t to 2 g/t/ while CVZ is much more consistent.  


And why are we lookign at 2.0 g/t?!?!?!  sersisuoly gold will be $2400 /oz meaning 1 g/t at 93% recovery is $71.77 per tonne.  I dunno about you guys.. but if you can't mine rock mostly in a pit for less than $70 a tonne... you are in the wrong business.  


So look at the hard facts... 


GWY...  $155M market cap... 1.676M ounces gold and 3.25M oucnes of silver for a rough valuation at $88.44 per ounce or 


CVZ... $37M market cap... 1.838M ounces of gold and 10M oucnes of silver for a rough valuation of $20.44.


If you look at the resource ... they are remarkably similar and in the end CVZ just might be a higher grade.  Certainly much higher silver credits.