I agree, Ed & the boyz are trying to promote theie offer, they are probably not getting the response that they were hoping for...  This reserve report does not reflect any of  QQ & Ethiopia.  Ed, you won't get my shares as I know that Calvalley will issue great news in the next few months.  They are ramping, trying to hire a bunch of professionals, Athos buying, etc.  I am tempted however, to go on my line of credit, buying $20,000 of CVI and have only these shares offered, could get a nice 18% return.  If Ed can't get the 15M shares, he will need to increase the offer ($2.75-$3.00).  Strangely, DNO's offer last year at $2.30 was an hostile take over at a low price, 9 months later, Ed's offer is for basically the same offer ($2.45 - 6% increase), they are producing more, and they have more cash in the bank.  To me, Calvalley's offer is the one that is unreasonnable.