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Calvalley Petroleum Inc T.CVI.A

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Calvalley Petroleum Inc., is engaged in crude oil and natural gas exploration, development and production. The Company's activities are carried out in three geographical segments: Yemen, Ethiopia and Canada.
Price: $1.56 | Change: $-0.04 | % Change: -2.50%
Volume: 58,227 | Day High/Low: 1.60/1.56 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.00/1.38

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RE:AGM ??????

Why waste our time by going to the meeting?? We all know it will be a bunch of lies.... Maybe Vivian will be going and she can fill us in on what a great play this is.... Cheers, Mav  rate and reply
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should    propose    new  slate  of    directors   .  They   would  get  support   of  shareholders   aside   from    Ed,s  block   of  shares.  rate and reply
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AGM ??????

ANyone going to the AGM?  May 6, the docs are on sedar and in the mail to shareholders. Management wants approval of options plus bonuses, can you believe the gall. The sharebuyback ended march 18 so...read more
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not sure what block

#Yemen :  4 trucks of equipment owned by oilfield services firm Weatherford  International seized by #Hadhramaut Tribes Alliance today.  rate and reply
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Still Waiting

I remember going to an AGM back in the days of Vivian (probably 7 years ago) and Ed promising to have 3 full time rigs on the property. Getting Ed out would be the best thing ever for this company...read more
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the good and the bad

The good news is that only one more round of hearings for Ed  in May then a one  day session in june, I'm assuming for final verdict with the SOB gone by the 3rd quarter. The bad news is that its been...read more
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I agree, having a low P/E is a combination of Management combined with yemen. I would take my chances with a company similar to IAE and CAK. much more upside IMO  rate and reply
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It is a cheap stock with much potential. Unfortunately investors will never be rewarded..... only disappointed...unless you happen to be on the board ...IMHO!!  rate and reply
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This is about the cheapest oil exploration company one can possibly found at a forward P/E ratio of 2.87.  That is about 5X cheaper than a comparable small cap oil exploration company in North America...read more
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Share buyback vs issuing more sharess

A share buyback is at least a sign that the company is not in a financial crunch as issuing more shares, then how do you explain the repeating table pounding "strong buy" ratings from Ford Equity...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:CVI buys back 15 millions shares at $2.47 CDN

All part of Big Ed's plan to eventually take the company private with not using any of his own money to accomplish this goal, just use the money of the shareholders............ Why not a special...read more
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RE:RE:RE:CVI buys back 15 millions shares at $2.47 CDN

Totally agree with you Nofool. This move is the solely reason why EPS has not dropped more significantly, with dropping production, decrease in reserves, etc. In regard to Ford equity, they have a...read more
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RE:RE:CVI buys back 15 millions shares at $2.47 CDN

Couldn't disagree more, the share buyback is stupid, what good has it done for any shareholder?  To me its just paying for the same oil twice. The share price of cvi.a is based solely on the money in...read more
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RE:CVI buys back 15 millions shares at $2.47 CDN

The shares buyback is a great move and management should be given great credit for this.  It is an indication that it's  interests are aligned with shareholders and also that the shares are much under...read more
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finally good news I think

I just found this on line and I think its great news and could mean long term peace and production in the region.By NY StaffIt started to appear in the real life,” Sheikh Abdurrahman Ba Abad said of...read more
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RE:another joke report

I'm with you nofool, the only way management got a slight increase in eps is due to the share buy back program, they bought more than 16 million of shares over the years, I guess they have disregarded...read more
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The Bank must love this company

with   about   100  million   in  cash   sitting   there  earning   diddly  squad  .   Ed  must   have   a  standing   offer   for  lunch   each  and  every  day.  rate and reply
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another joke report

What a joke, management thinks because they reduce the number of shares they can report that earnings per share is up and we should all be happy. Revenue down, reserves down, production down and no...read more
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My bad that was from 2013

sorry  rate and reply
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CVI buys back 15 millions shares at $2.47 CDN

Per release today.  rate and reply